Patient Testimonials

"After searching for that perfect chiropractor, I finally found one that I can connect with! Dr. Finden is the most caring chiropractor!  Her professionalism and knowledge are absolutely touch notch. Dr. Finden understands wellness and customizes techniques for each patient.
I certainly recommend her!" ~ Angela A. 11/4/13

 “Dr. Finden is the BEST!  I went to her for some back pain I was having, and within just a session or two, I was feeling 10x better than I did when I originally went in - I’ve been seeing her regularly ever since.  She takes the time to really listen to you when you tell her where things are hurting and is very thorough in her explanations for what the problems could be.  She breaks the information down in such a way that anyone can understand, and she is always open to any questions or concerns that you might have.  She makes you feel like you are the most important patient to her, which is a rare quality to find these days.  I have always been very impressed with her professionalism, her dedication, her personable nature, and the results I have received from her treatment.” ~ Kristen N. 3/8/13

"Dr. Finden is the BEST! Her adjustments are gentle, she listens, she explains, and she gives suggestions for preventative things to do at home. She's great!" ~ Ruth F. 3/31/11

"Dr. Finden has taken very good care of me over the last two marathon seasons.  I put a beating on my knees, hip, and back during training, and she's had me ready to go.  I also love how she teaches me strength exercises that don't take all day to perform". ~ Dan G. 3/30/11

"Dr. Finden gave us our baby back. Our 2.5 month old is now smiley, happy and colic-free after one visit! Thank you so much!" ~ Nina J. 3/25/11

"My experiences at Active Health Chiropractic have been 100% positive.  Dr. Finden has helped me a tremendous amount not only through hands-on adjustments but through taking the time to explain how the body is structured and works creating a total healthy body approach". ~ Maggie A. 7/26/10

"Dr. Finden is the greatest!  She has adjusted my back, knees, and ankles..." ~ Jason W. 7/23/10

"I couldn't have chosen a better Doc for my first chiropractic experience, thanks!  It made a difference". ~ Leo C. 4/16/10

"Dr. Finden is an amazing chiropractor and as a patient with chronic back pain, I see her frequently and always feel better after I leave.  She is very thorough and believes in gentle adjustments". ~ Aimee F. 4/2/10

"Dr. Danielle was very knowledgeable, very personable when I visited her for the first time and she listened to me. To me, this is very important, because so many doctors out there seem to always be in a hurry. But Dr. Danielle was very patient and explained to me the details about my problem, I will definitely go back to her". ~ Qing H. 1/15/10

"Dr. Danielle Finden broke all of my doctor stereotypes. There was no waiting in the waiting room and no waiting in the patient room. She took the time to properly educate me on what was wrong with my body as well as explain the corrections she performed". ~ Adam D. 11/15/09

"I decided to see a Chiropractor for the first time in my life for several different issues.  Dr. Finden spent time with me at the first appointment getting to know my issues and my general health.  She then created a diagnosis/treatment plan that addressed the issues in one to two visits.  I have since seen her for other issues and always been happy with her honesty, professionalism, and treatment results". ~ Bob T. 11/12/09

"Dr. Finden takes the time with her patients to explain their situation/injury in a way that they can understand the importance of their treatment.  She also makes time to research information for patients outside of treatment time. I am very impressed by her work ethic and dedication to her patients". ~ Vivian P. 2/26/09

"After twelve plus years of dealing with shoulder pain from a water-skiing accident, it took exactly one visit for Dr. Finden to pinpoint the problem.  My shoulder is pain-free for the first time in twelve years. Thank you!!!". ~ Scott S. 2/25/09

"Dr. Finden has helped me in all manners of my health and well-being that has far out-reached other practitioners in her field". ~ Elizabeth D. 1/6/09

"I can tell she cares for her clients and wants them to understand the importance of what she is doing in Acupuncture and Chiropractic care". ~ Suzi S. 1/6/09